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We are here to help you no matter where you are in your PA journey! We offer numerous á la carte services as well as a comprehensive “PA School Admissions Accelerator” guided program to provide personalized coaching each step of the way. Give yourself the best shot at success by leaning on the experts who have “been there, done that”!


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Posh PA coaches are practicing Physician Assistants who are passionate about helping others embark on their on PA journey. We’ve coached thousands of applicants and students and we know what it takes to create a successful PA career. Our coaches each have a strong resumé and area of expertise to meet your unique needs. Take a look at our bios and schedule an inquiry or book a service with one of our awesome coaches today!

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Hi, I'm Michele! Wife of a surgeon, mom of my mini best friend, wellness aficionado and yes, a Physician Assistant who’s excited to be your biggest fan as you navigate your PA journey.

I graduated from the Yale PA program in 2005 and after a relocation and position change, I worked a challenging yet rewarding 10 years as a hematology/oncology PA in Miami. After several more big moves as my husband completed training, we settled down in Charleston, South Carolina, just weeks before I gave birth to our daughter, Mia. Adjusting to my new role of motherhood gave me the pause I needed to re-evaluate how to maintain satisfaction in my work. I had started coaching PA-hopefuls who needed assistance in the application process and began to realize I was finding some real joy in helping students navigate the journey I’d muddled my way through two decades earlier. In 2019, The Posh PA was officially born, and has evolved from application assistance to a full range of services and personalized coaching from me and my amazing team. I live and breathe all things PA, and nothing makes me happier than hearing that my mentees and clients got their acceptance letters or landed their dream job.  

I’ve been in your shoes and I know it can be confusing and overwhelming, so let me come alongside you and help you reach your destination!

Michele Neskey

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Career Highlights:
  • A mompreneur who has helped thousands of PA applicants launch successful careers
  • Over 15 years as a PA, specializing in hematology and oncology
  • Graduated from the Yale PA Program in 2005
Fun Facts:
  • While I am serious about helping PAs, I don’t take myself too seriously, and enjoy a good
  • laugh, often at my own expense!
  • I’m happiest when I’m doing something active outdoors


My name is Erich Fogg. I have been a practicing PA for 25 years! My journey started as a pre-professional sports biology student at Springfield College in Springfield, MA. When I applied to PA school in the early 1990’s, there were less than 50 programs in the country. I felt lucky and honored to attend the Emory University PA Program in Atlanta, GA. Studying at Emory afforded me quality faculty, accomplished mentors, and a strong network of clinical training opportunities. I particularly enjoyed my emergency medicine rotation at Grady Hospital in downtown Atlanta. I spent much of my early career working in emergency medicine at a critical access hospital in rural Georgian, then tertiary care hospital when I returned to New England.

My passion has always been about service, trailblazing within our profession, education, and advocacy. I have mentored hundreds of pre-PAs, PA students, and professionals. I have been a faculty member and a Program Director of a PA Program. I served on national boards for PA organizations, as well as Chair of the PA Advisory Committee to the State Board of Licensure in Maine. I developed a CME company for PAs and NPs. I shared my love of medicine by teaching thousands of providers and administering over one hundred CME programs.

Currently, my role is lead clinical provider, hiring manager and Director of Walk-In Services at a small, progressive, community hospital in southern Maine.

I believe PAs have an obligation to lead, teach, and leave the profession better than the way we found it.

I am incredibly excited to coach and mentor as part of the Posh PA team. I look forward to helping you reach your goals!!

In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my beautiful family, playing golf, relaxing on the beach, and cheering for my Boston sports teams.

Erich Frogg

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Career Highlights:
  • Lead clinical provider, hiring manager and Director of Walk-in Services for a community hospital in Southern Maine.
  • Has served in numerous PA leadership and advisory roles
  • Over 25 years of PA experience
  • Graduated from the Emory University PA Program
Fun Facts:
  • Love ‘em or hate ‘em…I’m a big Boston sports fan!
  • I listen to a huge variety of podcasts and would love to discuss my latest “listen” with you!


My name is Emily Smith and I am a practicing Stem Cell Transplant PA. I am a Michigan born, but currently Tennessee based PA/MPH. I went to Michigan State University for undergrad and majored in Nutritional Sciences. While I was at Michigan State, I was able to study abroad in Dublin, Ireland and learn more about nutrition, public health, and health economics. After graduating from Michigan State, I went to the University of Michigan- Flint and completed my Masters in Public Health concentrating in health education. I then attended Grand Valley State University and completed my Masters in Physician Assistant Studies Degree. Currently, I am pursuing an online Doctorate of Medical Science Degree through Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions focusing on PA education.

I was first introduced to the PA profession during a high school church mission trip to Africa, where one of the adult leaders was a PA. He told me all about his practice and the impact he made on patients lives. When we got back to the United States, I immediately shadowed him and instantly knew I had found where I fit in medicine. I went to college knowing I wanted to be a PA and therefore was able to join my school’s pre-PA club early on and really research and explore the PA programs that I was interested in. I interviewed at several schools I applied to but ultimately made the decision to head to the west side of Michigan and attend Grand Valley State University in Grand Rapids, MI. I absolutely loved my PA program, and although extremely challenging, firmly believe that my PA program and my preceptors helped me become the PA I am today. I am constantly learning and growing as I am new to the profession, but I am constantly amazed and reminded of how grateful I am to be part of such an amazing profession. 

I am passionate about Pre-PA/PA student mentoring, PA school education, advocating for legislation that progresses the PA profession, and underserved health care.

In my time away from work, I enjoy spending time with my friends and family, listening to live music, baking, cycling (Team Peloton), traveling, and hiking. During PA school, I was able to obtain my Advanced Wilderness Life Support certification! I love connecting with people (especially PA students/PAs) and feel very blessed to have had and continue to have mentors and professors that have helped me along the way!

Emily Smith

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Career Highlights:
  • I have a Doctorate of Medical Science Degree through Rocky Mountain State University
  • I am a practicing Stem Cell Transplant PA
  • I received a Masters in PA Studies from Grand Valley State University
  • I have a Masters in Public Health from the University of Michigan- Flint
Fun Facts:
  • My Advanced Wilderness Life Support Certification has me ready to take on the toughest Bear Grylls challenges!
  •  I’m a Dave Matthews Band and OAR junkie


My name is Charmeen Wilkes and I am a practicing PA in Emergency and Urgent Care medicine. I am born and raised in Charlotte, NC and I currently reside in Charlotte with my amazing husband, Brian, and beautiful 15 month old son, Carter. I went to Appalachian State for undergrad and majored in Athletic Training. After graduating, I took a Graduate Assistant job at Campbell University in their Athletic Training Department. While working as a Certified Athletic Trainer for 3 years, I received my Masters in Exercise Science. I worked with different sports teams and Division 1 athletes and supported not only their physical health but emotional health as well. Shortly after graduating with my Masters, Campbell University established their PA Program. I was eager to expand my reach in helping others. I wanted to serve a more diverse population outside of just athletes. I was accepted into the Inaugural PA class at Campbell University where I completed my Masters in Physician Assistant Practice.

I initially became interested in the PA profession my Junior year in college when I was able to shadow a Family Medicine PA. The PA I shadowed was amazing and connected with her patients well, so she could provide the best optimal care which I admired.

I knew after shadowing her, the PA profession was indeed my passion and I wanted to be part of this amazing profession.

I didn’t have a lot of patient experience. I knew I would have to become a Certified Athletic Trainer in order to gain patient experience hours, so I took my Athletic Training boards and passed. I practiced for three years and gained over 5,000 hours in patient experience. I initially applied to eight PA programs. I received interviews to three PA programs, and I was accepted to two. I decide Campbell University was the best fit for me. Being part of the Campbell PA program was an amazing experience. I know I wouldn’t be the PA I am today without the knowledge and experience I was able to gain from attending their PA program.

I have a huge passion for PA advocacy and outreach. I truly believe we have to have a seat at the table for our profession to continue to grow and evolve. In order to do that, we have to look at how we are shaping the profession and that starts with Pre-PA students and PA Programs. Being a mentor for Pre-PA/PA students is key, as you are the future of our profession. I currently serve as the Vice-President for the Metrolina Association of Physician Associates which allows me to have a platform for advocating as well as the opportunity to mentor current PA students through the PA programs we sponsor. I’m so excited to join The Posh PA team and can’t wait to work with you, guide and mentor you along your PA journey. This is just the beginning-- the best is yet to come!

In my free time when I’m not working, I enjoy spending time with family and friends. I love to exercise, travel, go to concerts, binge watch Netflix shows, and listening to medical podcasts.

Charmeen Wilkes

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Career Highlights:
  • VP of Metrolina Association of Physician Associates
  • Currently a practicing PA in ObGyn
  • Graduated from the Inaugural PA class at Campbell University
  • Received a Masters in Exercise Science
Fun Facts:
  • I’m on a leadership team for PA moms
  • I love calling into radio shows to enter in their daily contests, and I’ve been a winner six times!


Hi! I am Silvia Marroquin a practicing urgent care PA. Growing up I was fortunate to live in both Guatemala city and rural Idaho. This unique upbringing led me to be exposed to many cultures and relate to a wide variety of people. Currently I am living in Miami, FL with my husband, two toddlers and three dogs. Promoting the PA profession is one of my passions and I love sharing my experience and tools with pre-PA students so they can too be accepted to PA school.

Becoming a PA was not an easy task for me. My parents were unfamiliar with the higher education system and none of my family members were in the medical field. Luckily, I was also fortunate to have several PA mentors guide me along the way. During my early years as a high school student, I became aware of the PA profession when my primary care PA offered for me to shadow her during the summer. This was an invaluable experience as I was able to grasp the positive impact PAs have in the medical team and the community. Our role as providers can vary from providing
primary care to assisting in brain surgery but we all have the amazing ability to enhance other people’s lives.

Following that summer, I attended The College of Idaho where I obtained a Bachelor’s in Health Sciences with a human biology focus. After graduation, I wanted to build up my health care experience, so worked for two local clinics where four PAs took me under their wing and coached me during the application process for PA school. I still cannot thank all the PAs who played such critical role in my acceptance to PA school. After completing my master’s in Health Sciences and PA certificate at Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania, I began my career as a PA in Miami where I have worked
with patients of all ages in three different specialties including: internal medicine, pediatric neurology and now urgent care.

I am very fulfilled with my career as a PA and I am beyond grateful for the experiences and the flexibility it provides me. I most importantly want to encourage everyone who is interested in our profession to seek PA mentors. I look forward to sharing my passion and experience with you.

Silvia Marroquin

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Career Highlights:
  • Specializes in internal medicine, pediatric neurology and urgent care
  • Received a Master’s in Health Sciences and PA certificate from Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania
Fun Facts:
  • I have a passion for running, pottery and jewelry making
  • I recently started designing a tropical backyard where I grow fruit trees, orchids, and a wide variety of succulents.


Hi there, I’m Andrew! I’m an Orthopedic Surgery PA who is new(ish) to the profession with a passion for helping pre-PA and PA students alike navigate the anxiety-filled road of becoming a PA.

I obtained my undergraduate degree at THE Ohio State University (yes, all caps is necessary), which is a large academic medical center in Columbus, OH. It was here that I learned the value of great mentors and stewards of the PA profession. I graduated PA School in 2020 from Ohio Dominican University and went on to become the first ever Surgical Oncology APP Fellow at Ohio State before settling into my current role as an Orthopedic Surgery PA. In my short career, I have precepted a number of PA Students and pre-PA students and enjoy being part of their journey of becoming a PA and this has become a fulfilling part of my practice.

When I’m not practicing as a PA, I enjoy spending time outdoors with my wife and family, watching and playing sports, traveling to National Parks, and snuggling with my Italian Greyhound, Oscar.

I have recently been where you are - filling out CASPA, frantically refreshing my email and checking to see if I somehow missed a phone call. I’m here to help take some of the stress out of the process and guide you on your path to becoming a PA.

Andrew Gaietto

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Career Highlights:
  • First ever Surgical Oncology APP Fellow at The Ohio State University
  • Orthopedic Surgery PA for 2 years
  • Graduated from Ohio Dominican University in 2020
Fun Facts:
  • I married the love of my life on top of a mountain in Sedona, AZ in 2022
  • I’ve been a Swiftie and Belieber since the beginning


 Katy Martinelli, MHS, PA-C is a 2002 graduate of the Duke University Physician Assistant program. She attended PA school after receiving an undergraduate degree in Biology from Wake Forest University. She spent the first part of her career in North Carolina working in orthopedics as well as teaching, mentoring and in leadership. She served as the president of the North Carolina Academy of Physician Assistants just before she relocated to Cleveland, Ohio in 2012. In Cleveland she continued her work in orthopedics at the Cleveland Clinic along with teaching, lecturing and volunteer work. She is currently working in Thoracic Oncology at the Cleveland Clinic and enjoys helping students and individuals interested in going to PA school succeed and reach their goals. When she is not working she spends time with her husband and two children. 

Katy Martinelli

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2. Choose Your Pre-pA Service 

This 30-minute session is completely customized to your needs. Examples of session agendas include mapping out a plan, reviewing your stats, identifying areas of improvement, and strategizing next steps.

 If things didn’t go as you hoped on the first attempt, no worries! In this appointment, we’ll review your prior application, strengthen your personal statement and ensure your next application provides you with the best chance of success. 

If you want to make sure your essay will help you stand out, this is a LIVE personal statement review and edit over zoom with our experts. For additional edits, check out the PS Plus Package.

Get interview ready by setting up a mock interview with us! We will help you with strategies to tackle any interview question or format that will gain you that acceptance. 

Have an expert review your CASPA application from start to finish before you hit submit! *This does not include a full personal statement review* 

Pre-Pa PAckages

A combination of our most popular services including one counseling session, a PS review and CASPA review.

Get a full CASPA review with an additional 30 min counseling session to focus your experience descriptions.

This includes one counseling session to brainstorm and craft your story, as well as one live personal statement review, & final edit over email to help your essay stand out!

Counseling session

Statement Review

Re-Applicant Review

Mock Interviews

CASPA Reviews

The Posh Saver Package

CASPA Review with Experience Description Enhancer

Personal Statement Plus

Supplemental Essay Reviews

Struggling to answer all of those additional essays with a uniqueness and style? In this service we review 2 individual essays via zoom. For more, check out our supplementals start to finish package. 

Supplementals Start to Finish

 Support for three supplemental essays, which includes: 
A brainstorming counseling session, A virtual review of your 1st draft and  2nd draft review via email


EMAIL ONLY EDITS (life experiences & Covid essays)


Have your essays reviewed via email and returned within 3-5 business days by one of our experts!

LIfe experiences

Covid essay