Wellness Coaching

As a PA, you spend endless hours helping patients on their path to better health. You know all the tips, tricks and science behind achieving a healthy body and mind so you can be your best self, but how often do you actually commit to applying these principles to yourself and focusing on what you need? It’s time to invest in yourself so you can look and, more importantly, feel your best, which then allows you to care more effectively for the special people in your life. And who better to support you than a career PA who truly “gets it!”

Not sure if the Posh PA’s Wellness Coaching is for you? 

The only way to maintain change that lasts is by building new habits that you actually enjoy and fit into your busy life.

I'll tell you!

Do you...

  • Talk the talk but haven’t been walking the walk, and want to get back on track?
  • Think you could “do it yourself”, but never get around to making the changes you want?
  • Feel like you have tried every diet, workout program, and plan under the sun, and always end up back at square one?

If any of these statements feel all-too-familiar to you, the Posh PA’s Wellness Coaching is the answer you’ve been looking for. 

We’ll work together on creating a phased plan of exercise and nutrition that feels good to you so you never feel like you’re on a fad program again. 

Start your path to your happiest, healthiest self with me today!

Want to know the secret to creating a healthy lifestyle that sticks?