Are you having academic struggles, need guidance on study skills, or could you benefit from test-taking tips/strategies and support in preparing for upcoming exams? Make an appointment for a counseling session to develop an individualized program designed just for you from our coaches with 20+ years in clinical practice, education, and student support experience.

With Erich Fogg, PA-C who has over 25 years of experience as a PA in education, we offer a customized preparation that includes a practice plan that takes you from prep to exam day, test-taking tips, study strategies that match your learning style, one-on-one review of individual board-like questions that assess your ability to correctly answer questions, eliminate plausible distractors, as well gain insight into knowledge deficits.

Academic Support, Study Strategy, Test-Taking Counseling

Personalized PANCE Prep Program


Join PA Summer School

Are you feeling the weight of uncertainty about tackling your PA program's academic challenges? Worried that the volume and pace of the information will overwhelm you? Maybe you’ve heard of students having to “remediate” and wonder if this might be you? Take a deep breath – because PA Summer School is here to ease your worries and set you on the path to success.

With approximately 1 in 4 students being at “high risk” for academic declaration or dismissal, your fears about PA School are valid. But you will not be another statistic.

This summer series aims to equip you with the academic advantage necessary as you embark on your PA program journey. Led by resident PA school academic advisor Erich Fogg, we're crafting a workshop you won't want to miss!l.


Day 1:
Build Your Academic arsenal with Study Tips and Strategies
You will walk away from this workshop with practical strategies to manage the overwhelming volume and pace of information starting day of PA school. We will give you study tips and support resources that fit your learning style and uncover mindset techniques to stay motivated and focused.

Day 2:
Conquer Your Exam Fears
We will arm you with easy to implement preparation techniques for nerve-wracking high-stakes that happen frequently during a PA program, and it is not just the PANCE. You will be able to tackle test anxiety head-on and have the tools to overcome any academic challenges that come your way, routine exams, end of rotation exams, and the PACKRAT.