4 Best Non-Clinical Physician Assistant Jobs

PA Coaching • May 24, 2023

The PA profession is often associated with clinical roles, but there are so many non-clinical physician assistant jobs.

I’ll break a few down in this video!

4 Best Non-Clinical Physician Assistant Jobs

Today, I want to discuss a subject that is near and dear to my heart: non-clinical physician assistant jobs (PAs). While the PA role is often associated with strictly clinical duties, there are numerous areas for growth in the non-clinical arena. It’s important to explore these options, and in this article, we will highlight the four best non-clinical physician assistant jobs.

  1. Medical Education: If you have a passion for teaching, the field of medical education offers exciting opportunities. As a PA, you can become a professor or instructor at a medical school, PA school, or even contribute to continuing medical education courses. Working in medical education allows you to give back to students and share your knowledge and experiences. It’s a fulfilling path that offers room for personal and professional growth.
  2. Medical Writing and Research: While some may not immediately associate PAs with research, there are significant opportunities for PAs to engage in medical writing and research. PAs can contribute by writing articles, books, or other materials related to medicine and participate in various research projects. In addition to clinical trials, PAs can pursue research in areas such as quality improvement. Exploring medical writing and research provides a chance to contribute to the medical field beyond direct patient care.
  3. Administrative Roles: For PAs seeking a non-clinical career path, administrative roles offer a natural trajectory. Whether working in a large healthcare system or a private sector, PAs can serve as managers, supervisors, or directors of PA practice. These positions involve managing others and require strong leadership skills. With their deep understanding of the healthcare system and the value that PAs bring to patient care, PAs can excel in administrative roles and make a significant impact on the delivery of healthcare.
  4. Medical Consulting: PAs can also explore opportunities in medical consulting, working as consultants for insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, or as Medical Science Liaisons. These roles are often industry-based, focusing on areas such as insurance, pharmaceuticals, or medical sales. Medical consulting provides a chance to leverage your medical expertise and contribute to decision-making processes in these sectors.


Starting Your Own Business One non-clinical path that is often overlooked but holds tremendous potential is starting your own business as a PA. This entrepreneurial endeavor allows you to create more work-life harmony, gain flexibility, and generate additional income. Starting a business can help combat burnout and give you the freedom to shape your career on your own terms. If you’re interested in exploring this path, seeking guidance and mentorship from experienced PAs who have ventured into entrepreneurship can be immensely helpful.

In conclusion, non-clinical physician assistant jobs extend far beyond the traditional clinical role. Whether in medical education, medical writing and research, administrative roles, medical consulting, or starting your own business, PAs have ample room to explore and excel in diverse fields. It’s essential to be open-minded and seek out opportunities that align with your interests and professional goals. By thinking outside the box, PAs can pave their unique paths and contribute to healthcare in innovative and meaningful ways.

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