How to Ace Your MMI Interview for PA School

PA School • June 13, 2023

Are you preparing for the MMI interview for PA school? In this video, we share invaluable tips and strategies to help you excel in your MMI and stand out from the competition. The MMI is a unique interview format that assesses your skills and qualities through a series of stations, and thorough preparation is key to success.

Join us as we discuss how to understand the MMI interview for PA school format, research common scenarios, practice time management, develop a structured approach, demonstrate active listening and empathy, seek feedback, maintain professionalism, and stay calm and authentic during your MMI. By following these tips, you’ll be well-prepared and confident to showcase your abilities and secure your spot in PA school. Don’t miss out on this essential advice that will give you the edge in your MMI interview for PA school!

How to Ace your MMI Interview for PA School

Preparing for an interview is a crucial step in your journey towards PA school. Among the various interview formats, the Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) can be particularly challenging to prepare for. In this article, we will discuss a strategy for success in acing your MMI interview for PA school. So, let’s dive in and learn how to tackle this format with confidence.

Understanding the MMI Format

The first thing you need to know is the format of the MMI interview for PA school. It typically consists of multiple stations, each presenting you with a prompt, scenario, or writing sample. Before entering the room, you are given some time (around two minutes) to think about how you will address the problem. Once inside, you have approximately six minutes to answer, perform, or engage in the given scenario. The number of stations can vary from five to ten, depending on the program. Practicing these types of questions and scenarios in the MMI interview for PA school format is crucial for developing good time management skills and ensuring thoughtful responses.

The Importance of Problem-Solving Skills

MMI interview for PA school questions can sometimes seem off-putting or challenging. However, it’s essential to remember that these questions and scenarios are designed to assess your problem-solving skills, critical thinking abilities, and your capacity to stay calm and react on your feet. The focus is on developing a thoughtful process while approaching each scenario. Keep in mind that the interviewers are interested in your decision-making and reasoning abilities rather than the specific choice you make.

The ABCDE Strategy for Success

To tackle any MMI scenario effectively, it’s recommended to employ the ABCDE strategy:

A – Assess the problem: Understand the main problem or issue presented in the prompt. Start brainstorming ideas and potential solutions.

B – Brainstorm ideas: Consider different approaches and potential outcomes for solving the problem.

C – Consider consequences: Reflect on the consequences of each potential solution or action. Think about the short-term and long-term impacts.

D – Develop ideas and strategies: Based on your assessment and brainstorming, choose a course of action and develop a plan to overcome the problem.

E – Explain your reasoning: Articulate your thought process and explain why you chose the specific course of action. Justify your decision based on the information provided.

Applying the ABCDE Strategy

Let’s consider an example to illustrate how the ABCDE strategy can be used in an MMI scenario. Imagine you are presented with the following prompt: “You are walking down the street and witness a mother and a child in a car accident. Who would you save first and why?” Instead of jumping straight into answering the question, it’s crucial to follow the ABCDE strategy:

A – Assess the problem: Recognize that the primary concern is the car accident and the need for immediate action.

B – Brainstorm ideas: Consider potential actions and outcomes. But remember, you can’t answer the question until you have more information.

C – Consider consequences: Reflect on the consequences of each potential decision. In this case, you might think about who is more injured or in immediate danger.

D – Develop ideas and strategies: Based on your assessment and consideration of consequences, decide on a course of action. For instance, prioritize assessing the scene for safety and ensuring that someone has called 911 before attempting any rescue.

E – Explain your reasoning: Instead of focusing solely on your choice, explain how you arrived at your decision. Emphasize the importance of a systematic and thoughtful approach to problem-solving, assessing the situation, and considering potential outcomes before taking action.

Handling Ethically Challenging Scenarios

During an MMI interview for PA school, you may encounter scenarios that challenge your ethical integrity. It’s essential to remember that it’s not about the specific choice you make; it’s about how you decide to arrive at your decision. Consider the causes, potential outcomes, and implications of each choice before settling on a course of action. Remember the ABCDE strategy and apply it to these ethically challenging scenarios as well.

Preparing for Personality-Based Questions

Apart from problem-solving scenarios, MMI interviews may include personality-based questions. These questions aim to understand you as an individual and a thinker. For instance, you may be asked, “If you were a superhero, what superpower would you have?” When faced with such questions, embrace the opportunity to showcase your personality. Have fun with your response, but also ensure that you provide a detailed explanation that reflects your values, aspirations, and how it relates to your future career as a PA.

Practice and Seek Guidance

To excel in your MMI interview for PA school, practice is key. Answering questions out loud and simulating the interview environment helps you become more comfortable and better prepared. Seek guidance from friends, family members, or PA coaches who can provide valuable feedback and help you refine your responses. Remember, the more you practice, the more confident you will feel on the big day.


Preparing for the MMI interview for PA school requires a structured approach and practice. By employing the ABCDE strategy, you can effectively assess problems, brainstorm ideas, consider consequences, develop solutions, and explain your reasoning. Remember to stay calm, think critically, and approach each scenario with a thoughtful mindset. With thorough preparation and practice, you can confidently navigate the MMI interview for PA school and increase your chances of success in gaining admission to PA school.

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