5 Of The Best Apps for PA Students

PA Coaching • May 24, 2023

These are my top 5 for clinical rotations and beyond!! Some of the best apps for PA students are right at your fingertips.

5 of the Best Apps for PA Students: Resources for Clinical Rotations and Beyond

As a PA student, having access to reliable and comprehensive medical resources is essential for success during clinical rotations and beyond. Fortunately, there are several apps available that can greatly enhance your learning experience and support your future practice as a physician assistant. In this article, we will explore five of the best apps for PA students, some of which are still valuable resources even in professional practice.

UpToDate: The Ultimate Medical Resource

When it comes to medical apps, UpToDate undoubtedly takes the top spot as it is one of the best apps for PA students. This app is widely regarded as the go-to resource for medical professionals, including PA students. UpToDate covers an extensive range of medical topics, providing up-to-date information on diagnostic approaches, treatment algorithms, and much more. Its robustness can make it a bit challenging to navigate initially, but once you become familiar with it, you’ll find that it offers everything you need. This constantly updated app ensures that you stay abreast of the latest evidence-based medicine and treatment strategies, making it an invaluable tool for quick and reliable information on the go.

Epocrates: Comprehensive and Free

Epocrates is a well-established medical resource app that has been around for quite some time. One of the best features of Epocrates is its comprehensiveness, covering a wide range of pharmaceutical information and drug details. The app is also available for free, making it an excellent choice for budget-conscious PA students. However, note that the app may take a bit longer to load due to the vast amount of data it contains. As long as you have a reliable Wi-Fi connection, this shouldn’t pose a significant issue. Epocrates also offers additional functionalities, such as calculators for various equations that you might need during your rotations, which makes it one of the best apps for PA students.

Essential Anatomy 5: Exploring Anatomy Made Easy

During your didactic phase and clinical rotations, understanding anatomy is crucial, especially if you’re venturing into surgical specialties. Essential Anatomy 5 is a highly useful app that provides a quick reference for anatomy, allowing you to familiarize yourself with anatomical structures before entering the operating room. This intuitive app offers a user-friendly interface and the ability to isolate specific organ systems, aiding your learning and comprehension. Whether you’re in the classroom or on clinical rotations, Essential Anatomy 5 proves to be a valuable resource for studying and visualizing anatomy.

Sanford Guide: Your Microbial Companion

No matter which specialty or clinical rotation you find yourself in, dealing with infections is an inevitable part of your PA journey. The Sanford Guide app, an updated version of the classic pocket-sized book, is an essential tool for understanding antibiotics and their coverage against various organisms. This quick reference guide allows you to access important information about antibiotics, enabling you to make informed decisions in your clinical practice. Having this valuable resource readily available in your pocket can significantly enhance your patient care and management skills.

MedCalc: Your Math Assistant

For PA students who struggle with medical calculations, MedCalc comes to the rescue. This lifesaver of an app not only helps you quickly perform calculations but also provides a free and accessible platform to determine values like corrected calcium, anion gap, and kidney function. MedCalc proves to be an invaluable resource, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in your clinical calculations. Whether you’re in the midst of rotations or practicing as a PA, having MedCalc at your fingertips simplifies complex mathematical equations and allows you to focus on delivering optimal patient care.

In conclusion, these five apps serve as invaluable resources for PA students during their clinical rotations and beyond. Whether you need access to up-to-date medical information, pharmaceutical details, anatomical references, infectious disease guidelines, or medical calculators, these apps have got you covered. By utilizing these apps, you can enhance your knowledge, improve patient care, and navigate your way through the challenging and rewarding journey of becoming a successful physician assistant.

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