About Michele


Welcome to TDWS! My name is Michele Neskey, I am a Physician Assistant, Mom and Health coach here to deliver HOPE to women struggling to live a healthy life. I have a passion for fitness, but also for wine, shopping and instagram.  I don’t pretend to be perfect, but I try my best to live healthy, breathe healthy and smile daily.

I am a practicing PA in oncology, a surgeon’s wife, a mother to a beautiful girl, and an ever-loving dog mom. While my husband was in training, we moved 3 times over 10 years and finally settled in Charleston, SC.  My daughter was born just weeks after we arrived and entered into our new home. No family around, no friends and jobless, I felt completely lost.  I had always been the wife that worked, passionate about my career and all of a sudden I was home with a child. Suffering from post-partum anxiety, completely out of my element, I felt awful physically and mentally. Unhealthy and too skinny I decided to go back to work part-time.  It helped..A LOT, but I still felt depressed.  Exercise had always been my outlet, and I couldn’t find the time to get to a gym, class or even out for a run with a surgeon’s schedule and a baby. That was when I was introduced to a system that change me. Home workouts that I could do in 30 minutes while the baby slept and my husband was at work. An easy to follow meal plan that focused on fresh, clean ingredients. A virtual group of women that kept me motivated and accountable. Within weeks I was getting back to the Michele I once was and felt passionate about helping other moms get through experiences just like mine.  Now, as a coach, I have learned the tools needed to balance it all..momming, fitness and most of all FUN.  


Please reach out to me if you want to learn more about workng together to be your BEST version of you, and help others do the same! I hope you enjoy my blog..the Devil Wears Spandex..because she does!

xoxo Michele