About Michele


Hey Y’all! I am Michele Neskey, I am a Physician Assistant, PA counselor, Health Coach and Mom. 

I am a practicing PA in oncology, a surgeon’s wife, and mother to a beautiful little girl as well as 2 adorable furbabies. I graduated from Yale PA program in 2005, got my first PA job in hospitalist medicine, got married and moved to Miami all within 1 year.  I started in hematology/oncology as a specialty in 2007 and found my true calling. I worked full time for those 10 years and I worked hard. My husband was as surgeon in training and worked his ass off too, so why not right?  I loved what I was doing but at about year 6 I started to feel “burned out”. I was unmotivated, exhausted and unsure of my next steps when I found out I was pregnant with Mia.

While my husband was in training, we moved 3 times over 10 years, but finally settled in Charleston, SC. My daughter was born just weeks after we arrived and entered into our new home. No family around, no friends and jobless, I felt completely lost.  I had always been the wife that worked, passionate about my career and all of a sudden I was home with a child. Suffering from post-partum anxiety, completely out of my element, I felt awful physically and mentally. Unhealthy and too skinny I decided to go back to work part-time.  It helped..A LOT, but I still felt depressed.  Exercise had always been my outlet, and I couldn’t find the time to get to a gym, class or even out for a run with a surgeon’s schedule and a baby. That was when I was introduced to a system that change me. Home workouts that I could do in 30 minutes while the baby slept and my husband was at work. An easy to follow meal plan that focused on fresh, clean ingredients. A virtual group of women that kept me motivated and accountable. Within weeks I was getting back to the Michele I once was and felt passionate about helping other moms get through experiences just like mine.  Now, as a coach, I have learned the tools needed to balance it all..momming, fitness and most of all FUN.

My ultimate dream is to create a community of pre-PAs, PA students and practicing PAs to connect, share resources, and most importantly SUPPORT each other in both their medical and wellness goals. To share stories, network and make each other laugh. To motivate and encourage healthy living in body and mind during the journey to PA school and beyond!!

Holla at me if you share my passion for PA and wellness and want to work together!!

xoxo Michele