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I am passionate about helping aspiring Physician Assistants on their journey to PA school and beyond! I hope to inspire you, make you laugh, keep it real, and share my tips to living a healthy life as well as becoming a successful Physician Assistant. My mantra “you can’t take care of patients unless you first take care of yourself”. As a medical provider and mom it is second nature for me to put others first. But over the years after experiencing burnout, I have learned that putting myself first is not selfish, it is selfless. When I am sound in body and mind I am a better PA, better mom and better human. The truth is, we all have a different definition of what a “healthy life” is. If you are like me, it is eating healthy 85% of the time, sweating my ass off on the regular, and enjoying all the wine I need to handle a toddler, surgeon husband, and a career as a PA.
Being strong mentally and physically is so important when taking care of patients and my family, so creating habits that are easy to maintain is essential for me. It also helps me feel good about ME, look good in my leggings, and most of all prevent feeling burned out. Whether you are pre-PA, a PA student or in practice, I am here to guide you on your PA and fitness journey!
My vision is to create a community of pre-PAs, PA students and practicing PAs (My PA Posse) to connect, share resources and SUPPORT each other . To motivate and encourage healthy living in both body and mind during the journey to PA school and beyond!!
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I am looking to grow a team of badass women on The Spandex Squad that want make an impact on the lives of others and help end the trend of obesity. Last year coaches were able to help over 1 million people get results with a fitness and nutrition program. I will give you all the tools you need to be successful as a health coach, and be here to guide you every step of the way. 

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