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What the Hell is a Health Coach?



What the Hell is a Health Coach?

If I asked you what a health coach does, would you know? For years I would say the only coach I knew was my dad in Biddy Basketball as a kid..go Peahens! As I grew older coaches would only be of various sports teams I participated in. Nowadays, if you scroll through your Instagram feed or Facebook account, you will see health coaches, wellness coaches, lifestyle coaches, spiritual coaches..etc, etc.  But what do all of these people actually do and can you make a living doing it? The answers..Hell if I know.. and YES! By definition, a coach is someone who trains or instructs, teaches a subject, gives someone private teaching, or serves as an athletic instructor.  In theory, anyone can become a coach as long as you have the capacity to guide and help another person. You do not need to have a medical background or certificate, although you can have either or both. You do not have to be a personal trainer, nutritionist or wellness authority..although you can be and still be a coach. Confused? This is NOT a Jedi mind trick, it just takes some explaining. Health coaching is a process that facilitates sustainable, healthy behavior changes by guiding others to transform their goals into action and identify values important to them.  By doing this you help others lead healthier, more fulfilling lives. Anyone can do this without a certification or medical background IF you work with a company that provides products and support needed for you to help your clients. You do not NEED to have certifications to guide and inspire people to live a healthy life, but it is important to note there are numerous programs available in health coaching for those who really want to broaden their expertise.

Why did I become a coach?

Well, one of my besties starting talking all about this great fitness program she tried and loved it, not to mention she looked badass after 3 kids.  I had been in a rut ever since the birth of my daughter with postpartum depression and struggling to find time for myself (see post on Finding your Identity in Motherhood). I was so jealous of her mom-bod and desperate to feel better, I jumped in.  Within 1 month I felt a huge change both physically and mentally. I knew then I was hooked. She approached me a few times about coaching to which I refused, but one day I put all my fears aside and said YES! I had been looking for something outside of my jobs as a Physician Assistant and mom that allowed me to help others and feel fulfilled…this seemed a perfect fit. If I am being honest, I will say this journey has thus far been very rewarding, but also challenging at times. It takes consistency and effort, but like anything in life, when you are passionate about what you do, it does not feel like work.

Alright Michele..but can you make money as a coach?

Hell yes you can. There are many ways to earn an income as a health coach, but the very best way in my business is to find other like-minded people LIKE YOU and CREATE A SQUAD with a vision. Together, we can inspire people to identify values important to them by sharing our stories and create sustainable healthy habits to help end the obesity epidemic and most of all have FUN doing it. There is strength in numbers both personally and financially (See Network Marketing post).


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