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You Snooze You Lose – Tips to be a Better Morning Person



You Snooze You Lose – Tips to be a Better Morning Person

I love SLEEP….and have never been a morning person. When I was a baby my mother bragged to all of her friends about what a good sleeper I was. I could sleep anywhere, anytime, or as she liked to say “you could sleep on a picket fence”.  When I was a little girl I always scored the couch at sleepovers since I was the first one down and the last one up. But as an adult, this has become a more serious problem. Some would even venture to say an addiction.   So today I am here to confess, name is Michele and I am a snooze-aholic.  Every morning I take drastic measures to keep the dream alive.  I program my alarm for at least a half hour before I have to get up knowing that I will hit the snooze button at least three or four times.  It drives my husband insane, but I can honestly say that I have never in my whole life gotten out of bed at the first alarm sound.  I need those extra minutes to keep Justin Timberlake from vanishing like he was never singing to me as he looked in my eyes with tenderness. But truthfully I really NEED to get up and get my workout in. It is the only time the whole day that is solely focused on “ME” and it’s too important for my mental health to miss. (See my article on Finding my Identity in Motherhood). I have tried so many different tactics to break this addiction. Moving the alarm to the other side of the room, got into bed earlier, counted 5-4-3-2-1 GET UP.  Nothing has worked, probably because I have not been consistent enough to see results. But in all honesty, hitting the snooze button is HORRIBLE for your sleep cycle.  Your body naturally goes in and out of light and deep (REM) sleep throughout the night. About an hour before you wake up, your brain signals the release of cortisol and adrenaline that is preparing your body to wake up.  You then enter into a light sleep before your eyes actually open.  Alarms actually jolt us awake before you should naturally wake up which can lead you to feel groggy and disoriented, a phenomenon called sleep inertia. When you hit the snooze button, you repeat this process multiple times making it harder to recover from sleep inertia.

Here are some tips that are actually helping me, and may help you if you are also a member of SA (Snoozers Anonymous).

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 1-Go to bed earlier.  This is by far the thing that helps me the most. If you spend more time in REM sleep getting 7.5-8hrs of sleep each night, it helps to wake up in the morning.   2-Set a pleasant alarm tone. I love the iPhone bedtime feature. It wakes me up with a soft start the gradually crescendos into a pleasant blend of enya and classical music.  It actually makes me want to listen to it and not turn it off.   3-Set a realistic goal.  Challenge yourself to not hit snooze for 7 days.  If you do it for that long, it may actually catch on as a habit.   4-Have a reason to get up.  My number one reason to stop hitting the snooze so much is so that I have time to fit in exercise before work.  I know that if I hit the snooze more than once..its over and I am pissed off the rest of the day and I hate starting my day off on the wrong foot.     5-Wake up at the same time every day.  Easier said than done, especially on days off. Let’s be real, who wants to get up at 6 when they don’t have too.  So I say wake up at the same time MOST days and it will help minimize the snoozefest.

I know that one day I will conquer this addiction, and help others do it too!  Who is up for a Snooze Challenge? Email me to join my group next month or follow me on Instagram to stay in the loop!!


  1. Mary on March 1, 2018 at 9:43 pm

    Awesome blog and topic and I love the suggestions! I too love the new iPhone gentle “wake up”…it’s perfect.

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