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A Physician Assistant, with Her Own Practice?!!



A Physician Assistant, with Her Own Practice?!!

I am so excited I have Katie Martin on this episode. She is a PA in dermatology who has opened her own practice, and is California based. I cannot wait for you to listen to this episode!

Meet Katie Martin

Katie is a practicing Physician Assistant in California that owns her own medical aesthetics practice! She gives us insight on what practice ownership is like as a PA, how she did it, and why she made the transition from working in the ER.

Katie’s Story

Katie’s story begins at Penn State and she was pre-med, as many might be. She got to being a junior in college. She took the MCAT and she was ready to start applying.

Katie found herself working as a patient care tech at a children’s hospital in Pittsburgh for a year and a half just to get patient hours and then thought she was going to do pediatrics.

Life after Graduation

After graduating in 2010, the first five years of her career was in the emergency department.

Katie even has acute medicine background and at some point in her rotation she figured out she wanted to do emergency medicine.

So how did Katie get into dermatology? Okay, so she technically is not dermatology. It is more of plastics.

After five years in the emergency department Katie had her first baby. This made scheduling more difficult.

Katie performs some medical Botox. Which seems super great!

Katie feels as long as you understand facial anatomy, you may feel okay with her line of work with some of what she does.

Filler Talk

I’ve never had filler. full disclosure. I’ve had Botox. I have a dermatologist who’s like the number one injector in the state who lives down the street. I wanted to be sure as I got my treatments I didn’t have the plastic-y look. And, I discovered you don’t have to have that look! Katie and I discuss this more on this show as well.

You don’t want to miss this episode!


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