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Pre-PA Q&A with The Posh PA Coaches

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Starting out on your journey as a Pre-PA can be daunting.

From the CEO:

I still remember the day I decided I wanted to become a PA and I had no idea where to start when it came to prerequisites, gaining clinical experience or even the application process. As the first one in my family to enter the medical field, I was exploring unknown territory and had little guidance.  I was living alone in my early 20s, broke, working two jobs and taking classes to try and get it all done before application season. I was exhausted all the time, losing sleep and not taking care of my health. I spent way too much time questioning myself, having anxiety, stressing over deadlines and whether or not I had all the pieces of the puzzle to fit.  I wish I had someone to guide me or bounce questions off of. To help me prevent errors and stay on track. To tell me how important time management, exercise and personal development would have been in my life. Yes, I ultimately got in, but the process could have been a hell of a lot easier.

I created The Posh PA to help YOU get into PA school, helps YOU survive the rigorous program, helps YOU kick ass as a practicing PA, and helps YOU take care of yourself so you can be the best version of YOU for your patients, your family and most importantly . . . for YOU.

Emily, Joel and I are committed to providing personalized guidance, education and motivation to build confidence and promote wellness for aspiring physician associates and beyond.



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From a

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from a pre-pa's perspective

Sydney G.


After our 30 minute counseling session I already felt more confident for this application cycle. Right after we got off the call I thought to myself "Wow she is really invested in me and I'm so happy I made this purchase". I just wanted to let you know even after 30 minutes I could really tell your commitment to my goals which meant a lot.

Jess S.


You gave me the confidence I needed when I got to the nitty gritty of applying to PA school. Thank you so much for all of your help!

Amber A.

It still feels surreal that I have been accepted into PA school! I wanted to thank you for everything. You made me feel confident in my application and for the interviews. You truly shine a light on the profession and help those who hope to pursue the dream of becoming a PA.

Brianna E.


I worked with Michele to do a mock interview in preparation for an interview for PA school. Michele definitely took the time to get to know me on paper before our meeting and it was evident. She referenced my large variety of work experience and was really able to tailer the mock interview to me specifically.  When she threw a question at me that really stumped me, she said "I know how I would answer for you" because she had taken the time to read through my material with an eye for detail.  She spent a lot of time working with me during our interview and allowed me to ask her a ton of questions.  She really boosted me up and gave me great real world feedback that I know all of us are seeking. In such a competitive market, Michele can give you an edge that other applicants won't have . . . and I GOT IN!!

Jessica K.

1st Year PA Student

Working with Michele gave me the boost of confidence I needed to feel truly prepared for my upcoming physician assistant interviews. She design my mock-interview to be a mix of traditional questions and "MMI" type questions, a question type I didn't feel fully prepared for.  Because Michele is a practicing PA, I felt comfortable asking her questions about how she would act in certain situations, how she interacts with her supervising physician, etc. She was able to answer questions for me that I couldn't find the answers to anywhere else - she truly helped me to round out my interview skills and prepare for all situations. I look forward to telling her about my acceptances!