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PhD, The Other Doctor



PhD, The Other Doctor

I’m super excited to talk to Dr. Rick Barrett today otherwise known as Ricky Rick PhD on Tick-Tock and Instagram.

Meet Dr. Rick Barrett

The PhD Journey

Just a little bit of background is that Dr. Barrett started his research career as a Research Diver and Marine Biologist at Florida Atlantic University. As a matter of fact, Rick was studying sea turtles. During his Master’s he was introduced to Biomedical Sciences (or a project screening marine natural products for therapeutic compounds). As a result and as his research interest evolved he left the sea, as so happens in evolution, and decided to pursue Biomedical Research full-time for his PhD in Biomedical Sciences and Immunology during his PhD, studying how the immune system can influence metabolism.

Currently Rick works as a post doctoral fellow at the University of Pennsylvania. More specifically, his group looks at how cancer cells are able to manipulate the healthy cells around a tumor to promote growth and suppress immunity. In addition, he works with a variety of collaborators in both academia and industry to bring new cancer therapeutics to market and is currently supported by a t32 grant from the NIH.

If you haven’t had a chance to follow you are missing out! Furthermore, joined me @michele.theposhpa to talk all things PhD..including how he has NO DEBT! Yes, you heard that right!

You don’t want to miss this episode!


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