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From Nurse to PA & Beyond



From Nurse to PA & Beyond

On this episode,  I sat down with Krystal, RN and soon to be PA recently accepted to the Yale Online PA program. We talk about her journey to being a nurse, why she chose PA over NP and her thoughts on an online program.

Meet Krystal

From Nurse to PA

In this episode, Krystal and I talk about nursing. We also talk about why she chose PA over NP and what her thoughts are on an online program.

Life, School, and Beyond

In addition to what is the right program, Krystal and I also discussed time management skills and how she juggles life with her busy schedule. We talk about being a nurse as well as other important factors. You’ll hear us mention the duration of her bachelor’s degree along with other credentials and programs she has pursued.

One of the topics you also may find interesting is how Krystal and I also further discuss why she chose Yale. Krystal highlights some of the major positive aspects of Yale and the program they offer.

I also love how Krystal discusses how she applies her experience toward her education and what she has learned and is learning.

Krystal is amazing, dynamic and I know you will love this episode.


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