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How To Avoid the Mom-Fail



How To Avoid the Mom-Fail

As a first time mom, I am the queen of the mom-fail. I am completely ignorant to the etiquette of preschool and often refer to myself as the “paper goods mom”. As soon as that sign-up genius hits my email for the class party, my name is under the item that requires the least amount of effort: paper plates and napkins.  I have tried to drop my daughter off at school on days when it is closed more times than I can count, and mine is always the kid with nothing to show on show-and-share day.  Not to worry, with the cutest little face you’ve ever seen and a tear in her eye, she is the first to point out my incompetencies and make me wonder how on earth I got this far in life without some sort of how-to guide on common sense. Yet somehow my child seems to be relatively well adjusted, has reasonable manners, and is dressed appropriately at least half of the time (that’s a toddler mom-win in my book). So here are some easy ways to help avoid at least this one mom-fail: #KIDSINTHEKITCHEN Get your kid in the kitchen and start early! I started with my daughter helping me scramble eggs, whisk them, pour the oatmeal in the bowl, mix it, add the chips to energy balls, add fruit to the smoothie, you get the idea. Now she is downright demanding to get in there and help us. Use natural ingredients so they can see how food really tastes without additives. How do they reach the counter? I bought this amazing stool on Etsy called the tot-tower. It adjusts with age and is the perfect height for her to reach the counter. Best $100 ever spent, we have had it since she could stand on her own.   >Go to my Videos page here to see how I made “No Bake Energy Balls” with my toddler! < #FITKIDS Get them moving! A minimum of 60 minutes a day 3 times a week for adolescents, it is so important for their muscles and bones!  We get outside as much as possible, but if you live in an area where the weather keeps you inside, try some indoor exercise with your child.  Enroll them in a gym class..mine is a Little Gym addict, dance classes, indoor trampoline parks, indoor pools, swimming lessons, there are so many good choices. If money is an issues then be creative..obstacle courses, dance parties animal races, anything! But my favorite choice..Double Time! A partner-based workout program designed for families! Spend more time with your kids and make exercise fun again all in your own home. My daughter is 3 and loves to “help” aka interrupt our workouts, but she loves try, so I throw this on now and then and we give it a go. Yes, we look ridiculous, but it sure is  fun. Contact me for more details.. #LITTLESHOPPERS Take them shopping! Yes, I mean to the grocery store and no I don’t want to ruin your day.  I have found its the best way for my child to identify healthy foods versus the junk.  I show her to “eat this, not that” or instead of that at an early age.  Is she listening? Who knows, but I sure hope so.  She gets to feel the texture, shape and size of the food and learn how each one is different.  She loves to help put the food in the bags and count them, which is a great way to keep them engaged and not embarrassing you in the aisle.  Keep them engaged and shopping can actually be fun..yes I said fun! #NEWROUTINES Eat together! If at all possible, which for me it is a challenge, try to eat together. Look at that family..we all know it NEVER looks this happy! But, kids will be curious about what you are eating and be more open to trying new foods…or throw them across the table.  Sometimes it’s funny just to see their faces when they try something new, but in the long run, the may be more adventurous with choices and even eat those green beans! #BEREALISTIC Let’s be real, I have a toddler. There is no way she is going to eat all the healthy food I put in front of her. In fact she will often stand in protest.  I also want her to enjoy delicious indulgences like I did as a child and still do now. At the end of the day she is eating real fruits, vegetables, protein as much as I can bribe her too.  Don’t be frustrated if your child doesn’t want to run around every day or what you want them too.  The main thing is to keep it fun, YOU set the example of how you are eating/living healthy, and they will follow. Luckily, I have been able to avoid the mom-fail in one very important area: activity and healthy eating.  That’s right, my kid LOVES to be outside.  I like to think that is because I started taking her for walks with the dogs at only weeks old in the stroller, and now at 3 she is holding the leash and asking to take them.  I started her with mommy and me swimming lessons at 6 months old. This psycho even made her baby food for a while and made her try every veggie or fruit under the sun. Does she still eat healthy everything? Oh hell no she’s 3, she’s opinionated and she’s a lollipop hoarder.  But it is my job to set the tone for a healthy, active lifestyle in our home, and I refuse to fail.

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