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Foods for Flawless Skin



Foods for Flawless Skin

My skin is a sensitive subject..pun-intended. Having flawless skin has always seemed unrealistic. From acne as a teen, to allergic reactions, to viral rashes, back to adult name it, I’ve probably had it. I cannot use anything that smells halfway decent with even the lightest fragrance, not to mention body washes, sprays, even some shampoos without getting nice red rash all over my skin. I literally get a rash just walking into a Bath and Body Works. I’ve tried probably at least 100 different moisturizers, soaps, prescription creams for my face and skin over the years, but the one thing that has truly helped me the most is my nutrition. I probably just sighed UGH. But there are certain foods, vitamins and minerals that can help you feed the skin from within to partner with your topical regimen for maximal benefits.


Luckily, you will already have most of these things in your fridge or pantry and they are easy to take on the road as snacks. For more on healthy snacks check out my recent post Snacks to Pack to Stay on Track. 1-Tomatoes: In a 2008 study in the UK, people who ate 5 tablespoons of tomato paste daily with one tablespoon of olive oil had 33% more protection from sunburn in 12 weeks than those who did not. The antioxidant lycopene helps to boost the skin’s natural SPF! Now don’t go avoiding sunscreen or you will end up in my office..and you definitely don’t want that! 2-Olive Oil: Higher consumption of olive oil, aka 2 teaspoons a day, has been associated with fewer sign of aging in 31% of women in a study of over 1200 women in 2012.  Other oils have less effect because the 75% of olive oil is monounsaturated fatty acids which may play a role in boosting the youthfulness of skin. 3-Dark Chocolate: AHHHH my favorite. I think I am getting plenty of this to have clear skin forever. But seriously, dark chocolate is rich is cocoa flavanols which are plant derivatives with antioxidant properties that help hydrate the skin and improve circulation.  Now don’t go out and eat a bag of dark chocolate, a 1 ounce portion a day is enough to have benefits and avoid weight gain. 4-Walnuts: These nuts pack a punch of omega-3 fatty acids, which are particularly important for vegetarians that do not eat fish. Specifically, the omega-3 alpha-linolenic acid. A deficiency of this can cause scaly skin, dryness and even eczema in some cases. 5-Pumpkin: Not just for the fall and those damn addictive pumpkin spice lattes. When cooked, it is a beta-carotene bomb for your skin. Beta carotene gets converted to vitamin A which helps reduce wrinkles and keeps skin smooth.


1-Biotin: There are so many supplements out there for hair, skin and nails, most of which contain biotin. This B vitamin is essential for the basis of skin cells. You can get vitamin B from your diet in eggs, oatmeal and rice. 2-Vitamins C and E: These help reduce free radicals in the skin from pollution, sunlight and smoke. Free radicals eat up elastin and collagen which are needed to keep skin hydrated and prevent wrinkles. To get more vitamin C you can eat broccoli, cauliflower, bell peppers and leafy greens. For vitamin E look for seeds, nuts, oils, asparagus and spinach. 3-Vitamin A: Most fruits are loaded with vitamin A which helps reduce the signs of aging and wrinkles. Using it topically is also extremely effective for acne control and wrinkles.


1-Green Tea: The catechins aka antioxidants in green tea can lead to smoother skin by boosting blood flow and oxygen to cells leaving it appear healthier over time. The problem is..I hate green tea. It tastes like grass. So I get it in my smoothie..more on that below. 2-Water: The most important way to prevent wrinkles and reduce the signs of aging is simply to drink more water.  Keeping your skin hydrated makes it appear plumper..and you younger. 3-Red Wine: YAY!! The resveratrol in red wine is an antioxidant with anti-tumor properties. It can reduce the signs of actinic keratosis caused my long term sun damage when consuming a half glass of wine a day. I think I may be over doing it, but I do have a toddler after all. Do I eat all of this every day or take a million supplements? NOPE. I get all of these vitamins, minerals and antioxidants in ONE PLACE in my daily smoothie. One of these per day gives you everything I listed above including biotin, vitamin A, vitamin B complex, vitamin E and many more. I have noticed that after a year of having this daily, I have noticed an overall improvement in my skin texture and tone along with many other benefits…like how much better I look in my favorite leggings (see post on leggings). I also have become one of those women on Instagram who is comfortable showing it all off! Follow me >>> HERE!

Interested in learning more about the smoothies I use to kill a bunch of birds with one stone? Check them out >>> HERE! 

Bottom line..load your diet rich in antioxidants and use a topical regimen that works for YOU. Mine is extremely simple. No soaps for my face, since as even the most sensitive brands cause dryness over time. So I stick with plain old warm water, a topical retinoid and my old faithful..Vanicream. Yes, it sounds like a vaginal cream, but it is an amazing moisturizer with no additives. Mix this with my retinoid, drink my smoothie and I have fed my face for the day.  

How do you feed your face for flawless skin? Share it with us by commenting below or message me!

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