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From DAT to Dentists with Emily Meyer and Louis Spear



From DAT to Dentists with Emily Meyer and Louis Spear

On this episode, I had the pleasure of sitting down and talking to dentists, Emily Meyer and Louis Spear. These guests and I discuss the very important preparations to make for you to pass the boards, we discuss mindset, and more.

Meet Emily and Louis

Emily Meyer and Louis Spear are both dentists. Meyer went to Penn State and her dad is a dentist. She fought becoming a dentist for a bit, but then she found that is really what she wanted to do. Spear, at 17/18 was a Personal Trainer, but he wanted more. That’s when he decided he wanted to be a dentist.

Mindset is Everything

Think long-term not just short-term. College is tough and sometimes it can be discouraging and seem like it’s never-ending. On the other hand, if you think of long-term goals you’ll find that you can feel way more encouraged. Likewise, you also need to think of long-term goals as this is going to hopefully be a long-term career.

Testing Talk by Dentists

There are two boards that we discuss in this show. We also dive into the topic of the DAT Test. The DAT is a dental education admission test  which is designed to provide dental education programs. It is a means to assess program applicants’ potential for success.

Math Day for Dental

The way the match generally works is very effective. In simplest terms, applicants rank programs numerically in order of desire, and the programs doing the same. Soon after, the match system tentatively will place the applicants in their highest ranked program based off of their ranking list.

Emily, Louis, and I go more in-depth on Match Day for Dental in this episode.

Spear Smile

Spear Smile is a Teeth Whitening kit, and it’s, of course, dentist recommended. Emily and Louis wanted to do something to give back to the community and to give back to children. This is what one of their missions is with Spear Smile.

Advice from the Dentists

Never sit just wondering. There are too many resources and too many people who have been where you are for you to just sit and scratch your head not knowing your next move. Always ask around, never to be afraid to ask and always reach out when needed.


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