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Finding your Community as a Physician Assistant



Finding your Community as a Physician Assistant

On this episode, I discuss finding your community with Jonathan Baker. Jonathan is up in New York City. His a PA in Colorectal Surgery and with COVID-19 he has been doing some teleMed from home.

Meet Jonathan Baker

Jonathan always knew he wanted to do medicine and his mom was a nurse for a very short time. His mom was a teacher, but became a nurse during a nurse shortage. Jonathan’s mom further told him about the PA field, which he was intrigued by.

Jonathan and I talk about his undergrad ventures. We further discuss what led him into the PA journey.

From Alliances to Communities

It is very important to build a community of support while on whatever journey you happen to be on. While Jonathan was in college he found an Alliance that was and is helpful to so many others. We discuss this further in our topic of community on this episode.

Overcoming the Impostor Syndrome and Challenging Communities

We discuss the battle of the Impostor Syndrome which many who go into a profession may find that they also are challenged by. Jonathan also had a challenging journey where he had to be sure he surrounded himself by a positive community.


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