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Wake up happy, become a Nurse Anesthesist



Wake up happy, become a Nurse Anesthesist

On this episode,  Chrissy Massaro, CRNA shares all the details on how she decided to go from RN to Certified Nurse Anesthesist and what it takes to be happy and successful in this role.

Meet Chrissy Massaro

From working in the ICU to apply to CRNA programs, this episode has it all. Chrissy also shares how she makes it work with her husband, also a healthcare professional and her love for vegan cooking!

Happy in Healthcare

Chrissy shares how she juggles family, life, and her busy career in this episode.

Life as a Nurse Anesthesist

By listening to this epsiode you’ll quickly find that Chrissy has a TikTok and Instagram. You’ll also find that she has a blog where she has all kinds of recipes. The links are in the resources section of these notes. Chrissy is definitely a ball of fun, but she also has a serious side in the operating room.

As you can imagine, being a Nurse Anesthesist is a rewarding yet demanding career. Chrissy and I talk of the many different roles she has to play with her home life and career.

You don’t want to miss this interesting episode!


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