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5 reasons to say NO to Network Marketing



5 reasons to say NO to Network Marketing

After a year and a half Beachbody coaching, I have a few things to say about Network Marketing, and I thought I should share this with you if you are considering coaching, any other MLM as a side hustle, a way to supplement your income, or even your primary purpose.

So here it goes, my top 5 reasons to say NO to Network Marketing:

I started both the workout and nutrition program in August of 2016. Within a few weeks I saw results and loved my SQUAD! I was skeptical that the results would continue or even last.  But months later, my husband was watching come home with bags of new clothes or packages showing up daily on the front porch. Workout clothes, jeans, you name it. “But I have to.” I said, nothing fits right anymore. He appropriately said #fitgirlproblems.  Not to mention the discounts at Athleta and Lululemon, how could I resist.  At 40 I am in the BEST shape of my life!! So if you don’t want to look awesome, feel great and get a whole new wardrobe, then say NO to coaching.  


After a while of changing my eating plan & prepping healthy foods, my toddler all of a sudden became interested in making food with me.  She asks to help make anything and everything. She even asks for her own “smoothies” every single day. When I was signing her up for school supplements..her top choice was “Kids in the Kitchen” #proudmama. Then my stubborn as hell husband jumped on board and the rest is history. So if you don’t want your family to have healthy eating habits, say NO to coaching.  


I resisted taking on the business side of coaching for a while. I didn’t want to sell anything or get into Network Marketing, but I reconnected with one of my besties through joining BB and I loved virtually talking to her everyday.  In fact, I met so many people, I feel like I made virtual friends from all over. Its hard to keep up with all these people! When I decided to jump in myself, I was then able to reconnect with many women from childhood and from all parts of my life in a whole new way. To see them meeting their goals, feeling great and losing weight was even more rewarding. There is a sense of community that we are all fighting this battle to live healthy together. So if you don’t want to make new friends and reconnect with old ones..say NO to coaching.  


After a while I started to notice I had a couple of extra pennies to rub together at the end of the month. My wallet didn’t know how to handle it! So I went and got a mani/pedi, I bought myself that Starbucks, I went out to dinner with my husband, I bought a special treat for my daughter…and I had NO GUILT. So if you don’t want extra spending money, say NO to coaching.  


Yes, this may sound all fine and dandy, but this extra money didn’t come rolling in without any effort. I am a product of the Beachbody system. I believe in the workouts and nutrition because they have worked for me. Then because of the system & support, I am able to stay consistent even when I have another career and a toddler. Coaching has given me a belief in myself and a confidence that I didn’t have before. I want to build a successful business with like-minded people who have a true passion for helping people and not just make a quick buck. So if you are NOT looking to build a business while helping others, feel strong and healthy in your body and mind, share your knowledge and passion with other people..say NO to Beachbody coaching.  

BUT….If any of this sounds like a reason you want to say YES then feel free to contact me!
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